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Technology News

New Genetic Engineering Technique Helps Cure Disease

Biologists at Washington University School of Medicine have reached a new level of interaction with genes. From now on, cells can be used to deliver the necessary medication into the body, and crops will grow using less quantities of water.

The discovery also means a huge step forward towards a deeper study of the human genome.  The researchers have come up with a working solution that regulates the amount of protein which is created by every gene. The discovery can be applied to regular bacteria, plants and even the human body.

Some of the drugs that are used to fight cancer are produced in the cells, as byproducts of metabolism, for example. Using this mechanism, specialists will be able to maximize the quantity of medicine that is produced in certain cells. To make a protein, the gene is copied into a new molecule (called “messenger RNA”) which is then transformed into proteins. The tests have been successfully applied on different organisms: bacteria, fruit flies, mice and even human cells.


BEAM Interactive Floor Game System Makes Waves

Eyeclick, a company that wants to delight, immerse and educate children, has recently launched its BEAM interactive floor game system.

It’s an interactive projector that can play images, videos and games. The “floor” incorporates several sensors, and can respond to movements. The game system comes with cameras guided by infrared rays, which follow the kids’ movements on the floor.

The projector needs to be placed on the room ceiling, allowing the games to be projected on the floor beneath it. Kids can play games while interacting with each other, instead of sitting in front of a computer screen.

Researchers state that BEAM helps improve social, cognitive and motor skills. The system is also helpful in the learning process, in schools, because the images displayed on the floor can help kids get more involved into the learning activities.

BEAM can be installed on the floors in the museums, in hotels, indoor playgrounds, concert halls, malls and even market places.


Kuri, the World’s Friendliest Robot

We are only a decade away from the moment when robots will be an important part of our everyday life. Sure, they are already in our houses, but I’m thinking at humanoid robots.

Kuri is a home robot which has been created by Mayfield Robotics with the goal of being a nice companion for humans. It is a home assistant which is able to recognize the owner’s voice, can perform several tasks and is also able to patrol the house, looking for intruders.

Kuri is also the proud owner of an AI-powered personality, so it can interact with humans in a convincing way. It can be programmed to wake you up, or it can play your favorite podcast whenever you feel like it. It can also read bedtime stories to your kids.

When it comes to security, the robot can be programmed to patrol not only the house, but also the yard, and it can be controlled remotely as well. Kuri knows when its batteries are low, and it can get to the recharging dock by itself.